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DIY Hand Crank Generator

DIY Hand Crank Generator

Author:Geekfans Date: 06/11/2018

Materials: Differential, Motor, Wooden board, Empty Pen Refill, Saw Blade, Blade, Electrical Drill

Differential: it is not possible to shake much electricity without this. This is for speed increasing. Hand rotation for one cycle is equivalent to a few laps of the motor rotation.


Install the motor


A wooden board and a saw blade


Use a saw blade to make the size as you need.


Then use a blade for fine processing, you can also use sandpaper to make smooth.


Holes were drilled without electric drill, it is really slow, and four AA batteries were used.


Have a test, it is very stable!!!


An empty pen refill.


It doesn't need to be too long, as long as it is enough.


Drill another hole


Install the pen refill in a hole


It is done


Voltage which is made by manually shaking, the current can not be measured, but it should be greater than 200mah, it can light up a 0.5 watt led.

A 130-watt motor is used here to generate electricity, but pls note that when choosing a motor, try not to select a high-speed motor, the enameled wire in this type of motor is thick and small, and the electricity it make will not enough, a large-torsion motor should be selected. The wire inside of motor is thin and dense, and the electricity emitted is large. The principle of this hand-cranked generator is gear rotation by hand cranking, the gear increases the speed so that the motor rotates at a high speed and passes a certain exciting current through the slip ring, which make the rotor (stator) to be a rotating magnetic field, The stator (rotor) coils is cutting magnetic motion to generate the induced electromotive force, leading through the terminals and connected to the circuit to generate current. If possible, rectifying diodes can be soldered, and it can charge your battery or cell phone, it can completely light up the two strings of four 0.5W led after testing.

Source from: Geekfans

Translated by: Utsource

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