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Built-in a QSFP+Active Optical Cable

Built-in a QSFP+Active Optical Cable

Author:Utoptical Date: 08/09/2018

Built-in a QSFP+ Active Optical Cable


In order to meet the needs of ever-increasing communication traffic and ever-demanding energy-saving policy in data centers,we should enhance the capacity of fiber optic communications. The data transmission capacity for each active optical cable in the data centers which was previously 10Gbps is currently being increased to 40Gbps and 100Gbps. The development into the high-speed high-throughput data traffic has been in progress,this article will focus on built-in a QSFP+ Active Optical Cable.


MMC3 series

The MMC3 series as a fiber optical transceiver, or FOT, which was designed to be adapted for 40Gbps and 56Gbps QSFP+ AOC. The MMC3 series is equipped with unidirectional 14 Gbps/ch×4ch. The device size is 5.9×9.2×1.9 mm. This product is composed of a metal cover-shielded module component that houses an optical element (vertical cavity surface emitting laser, or VCSEL; or photodiode, or PD) , a controller IC, and optical path components (lenses and mirrors) mounted on the printed circuit board,  and a plug with assembled glass fibers. The plug can be held by a latching tab on the metal cover after being inserted into the module. The transmitter circuit converts input electric signals to optical signals at the VCSEL for further transmission via the optical fibers. The receiver circuit converts optical signals received from the optical fibers to electric signals at the PD for output.


Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

A PCB was designed in compliance with the QSFP card edge requirement. An electrical circuitry was designed to meet the requirement of a hot-pluggable electrical connection. Electrical differential transmission lines on the PCB were carefully designed by performing electric-magnetic (EM) simulations to realize a wide enough modulation bandwidth.


Characteristic of the module components is suitability for reflow soldering, with which common surface installation equipment can install them on the AOC circuit board. This will spare clients complex manufacturing processes or high precision equipment, contributing toward a reduction in the manufacturing cost and an increase in the productivity of the AOC.



(Built-in a QSFP+ AOC component)


Also currently under development for use in data centers is a unidirectional 25 Gbps/ch×4ch product with a further increased transmission capacity for 100Gbps QSFP+AOC.


It is predicted that there will be an increasing demand for the AOC in the graphical data communications between factory automation equipment, computers, and displays, because of the high-speed high-throughput communication requirement and the transmission limit of metal cable, which the advancement of industry 4.0 and the launch of the 4K/8K broadcasting services will force us to face.



The volume demand of quad small form-factor pluggable (QSFP) active optical cables has been growing especially for a lot of optical 40Gbps paths used in edge routers and network switches in data centers. a lower price for QSFP AOCs has been demanded to exploit their applicable domains in actual systems.


If you are interested in UTOPTICAL QSFP+ active optical cables or full range of optical transceivers & cables ,please visit:UTOPTICAL Online Store.

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