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10G SFP+ SR optical transceiver

10G SFP+ SR optical transceiver

Author:Utoptical Date: 08/09/2018

10G SFP+ SR optical transceiver


10G SFP+ SR is a port type for multimode fiber as well as 850nm lasers.  “SR” stands for short reach, therefore the standard is designed to be implemented for a short distance. 10G SFP+ SR has a data rate up to 10.3125 Gbps and is able to works extremely well over a variety of cable solutions. However the transmission distance may be different due to the fiber cable . As an illustration, the 10G SFP+ SR module distance would be up to 300 meters when used over OM3 fiber, the distance would be up to 400 meters when used over OM4 fiber.



10G SFP+ SR optical transceiver is standardized MSA (multi-source agreement) . Every optical transceiver can be characterized by three groups of its properties: optical, electrical as well as environmental. Optical properties define transceivers operational center wavelength  bandwidth as well as compatible optical cable type. Transmission power and receiver sensitivity define optical budget and as a maximum distance. Optical components are considered as key factor to determine price of whole transceivers. SFP-10G-SR Transceivers use VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser) laser diode as light emitter. As you know ,main advantage  of VCSEL lasers is affordable price and simple manufacturing process, but VCSEL can only emit relatively wide beam of light, therefore it is only suitable for multi-mode fiber. 10G SFP+ SR optical transceiver inside VCSEL use 850nm as center wavelength and occupy the 20nm (840-860nm) spectrum. Receiver or photodetector of 10G SFP+ SR optical transceiver use PIN photodiode, which is relatively cheap but with rather low sensitivity if compared with another type of photodetectors APD (avalanche photodiode) used for long-range transceivers.


SFP+ connector

SFP+ connector is normally the standard 10Gbps rate format for optical transceivers. SFP+ is following specifications of the Small Form Pluggable format, which covers various data rates for different communication standards such as Ethernet, SONET (OC-192), SDH (STM-64) or 10G Fibre Channel and the rest connectors with a data rate up to 11.1Gbps.


In many instances, SFP transceiver modules can perform in SFP+ ports, however, SFP+ transceiver modules can not perform in SFP ports because there is no auto-negotiation. When inserting a SFP transceiver module into a SFP+ ports, the data rate remains to be 1G instead . you know , a SFP+ ports never support speed under 1G, therefore you can not insert SFP transceiver modules in  SFP+ ports.



When comparing original vs compatible 10G SFP+ SR price on the market, you notice there will be great difference between them. For example , buy a Cisco SFP-10G-SR transceiver at least $600 , however ,Utoptical offers the Cisco compatible SFP-10G-SR transceiver at a much lower price and you will be able to get the exact same quality.



10G SFP+ SR has application in data center networks, enterprise networks, storage area networks and others. Which is an ideal solution for connecting routers and ports to 10G fiber optic networks. In most case,compatible 10G SFP+ SR transceiver module is preferable choice if quality is perfect ,Utoptical manufactures these products using the same data configurations with all 100% MSA compliant and these compatible transceivers are fully tested on the corresponding switch before delivery.  


If you are interested in UTOPTICAL compatible module or full range of optical transceivers & cables ,please visit :UTOPTICAL Online Store.


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