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FTTH installation(New Zealand Version)

FTTH installation(New Zealand Version)

Author:Utoptical Date: 09/13/2018

Look at how the FTTH installation of New Zealand broadband operators is!

In New Zealand, engineers of FTTH installations have to speed up due to the surge in demand for high-speed broadband.


The engineer is using the air blow method to blow the cable to the silicon core tube pre-introduced into the residential house.

According to, Chorus takes an average of four and a half hours for each fiber-optic installation. If you have trouble installing it, it will take longer. Chorus engineers can install 500 fiber accesses per day, and they will increase efficiency to 650 per day by the end of the year.

At the construction site, in addition to the installation engineer, Chorus also deployed a delivery specialist who was responsible for the management of the construction quality, and the delivery specialist was also the original network designer.

How do engineers install fiber-to-the-home?

First of all, in order to draw the cable into the residential building, engineers have to dig a trench to bury the pipeline, but usually it is not as smooth as in the video, and sometimes it will dig into obstacles such as roots, which has to change the excavation route.


After digging the trench, a black conduit is buried in the trench. The double-core leather cable will be blown into the black duct by air blowing and drawn into the residential house.


The cable is connected to the pre-embedded trunk cable through a nearby chassis and finally connected to the carrier network.


Why use a double-core cable? One fiber will be activated and the other fiber will be used as a backup.


After the black pipe is buried, the engineer will test whether the pipe is kinked or blocked by air blowing air to reach the house through the pipe.


If the air is blocked, the engineer blows a small piece of sponge into the pipe for cleaning. The cable is then blown into a black conduit.


▲Indoor fiber fusion

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