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2018-10-25 Update: DIY rechargeable desk lamp

Prepare the required tools as shown in the pic, and also need an electric drill.Prepare a power bank and a plastic box with the size: 190mm * 135mm * 55mm.Then also need to find four light emitting diode, a lamp base.Now start to process, the plastic box is made as shown in the pic.One is the position of the adjustable switch, and the other is the charging position.We took the power bank apart.Separate the battery from the board.Place the circuit board in the position as shown in the pic.Then we...

Tag: DIY

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2018-10-16 Update: DIY a simple soldering iron with a syringe needle and a small wooden clip

If it is is urgent to solder some items at home, but the soldering pencil is not work. Dont worry, you can make a soldering pencil with a few simple items. First, you need to prepare two needles, a wooden clip, a metal tab and a 9V battery.First, remove the needle from the syringe. You can also replace it with other wires.Then, take the wooden clip apart, and tape the needle to the sides of the wooden clip. Twist one of the needles and to make it touch the other.Next, take out the metal tabs and...

Tag: Soldering iron Soldering pencil DIY

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2018-09-27 Update: Remote control car making tutorial

First prepare a few cardboard. Cut them properly and stick the 4 sheets together to form a thick board for the chassis. Prepare the wheels, my wheels are removed from the toy car when I was a child, a little small, but I can fix them with iron wire. Prepare a big gear for turning. Make it like this, it seems that the change is not big, in fact, one of the holes is processed into strip holes. Fix a part of the two used refills on both sides of the chassis with hot melt glue.Fix the wheel like thi...

Tag: Remote control car DIY

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2018-09-18 Update: DIY an Electronic Automatic Watering Device

Materials include: Electromagnetic valve, Timer, Plastic tubes, Tees and Shorting tubes (for tapping pipe), Tees and Crosses (for plastic pipes), Wires, PTFE tape, Velcro. This is an electromagnetic valve and the copper quality is very good. This is a timer with a maximum time of 7 days, the cycle is automatically turned on and off every week, and there is a built-in battery to maintain timing data. First, remove the faucet and triangle valve connecting hose under the wash basin, connect the tee...

Tag: DIY Automatic Watering Device

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2018-09-13 Update: FTTH installation(New Zealand Version)

Look at how the FTTHinstallation of New Zealand broadband operators is!In New Zealand, engineers of FTTH installations have to speed up due to the surge in demand for high-speed broadband.The engineer is using the air blow method to blow the cable to the silicon core tube pre-introduced into the residential house.According to, Chorus takes an average of four and a half hours for each fiber-optic installation. If you have trouble installing it, it will take longer. Chorus engineers ca...

Tag: FTTH installation France Version

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