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Jakemy Roller Metal Opening Tool Silver

This Jakemy Roller Metal Opening Tool is used to open your phone back cover....



Static Brush Kit Black

Static Brush Kit is a static remover. This one comes with 8 different kinds ...



JM-T9-11 Metal Adjustable Tweezer Tip Straight Silver

JM-T9-11 Metal Adjustable Tweezer is used to help you pick up something smal...



Plastic Mobile Phone Holdfast Yellow

This Plastic Mobile Phone Holdfast is used to hold up your phone and made it...



Pentalobe Screwdriver 0.8*33mm Black

The 0.8 mm pentalobe crewdriver is used for small electronic devices repair,...



Professional Opening Tools Yellow

Professional Opening Tools comes with two openers. Both of them have plastic...



Multi-function Precision Screwdriver Set Colorful

This Multi-function Precision Screwdriver Set is the versatile screwdriver k...



Leather Sheath for Repairing Tools Black

The Leather Sheath contains 7 slots for you to put away various kinds of nec...



Best Torx Screwdriver T4 1.28*50mm Black

T4 is most common size of Torx Screwdriver in replacement of small device. M...



LJL-129 Screwdriver for iPhone 6S Medium Plate 2.5*25mm Blue

Screwdriver for iPhone 6S is the medium plate torx screwdriver. The whole le...



Pro Rhino ESD Safe Stainless Steel Tweezers Super Fine Tip Straight ESD-11 Black

The ESD-11 stainless steel tweezers come with super fine tips are ideal for ...



Repair Tool Kit for Sony Xperia Z1 7pcs

Disassemble Sony Xperia Z1 for repairing; you need the 7pcs repair tool kit ...



Flush Wire Cutter

Do you want to cut excess wire or precisely trim wire? The high quality flus...



36 in 1 Multi-purpose Screwdriver Set Colorful

36 in 1 Screwdriver Set is a multi-functional repair tools. It comes with al...



Jabe Electronic Plier Red

This Jabe Electronic Plier is used to help you cut off the useless wire. Thi...



TE-073 Universal Motherboard Maintenance Fixture Black

TE-073 Universal Motherboard Maintenance Fixture, with high temperature resi...



Universal Mini Combination Wrench 10PCS/SET Silver

Mini Combination Wrench is used to help you fix your screw tight or lose it....



BST-118 Disassemble Tool Kit Colorful

BST-118 Disassemble Tool Kit is multifunctional disassemble tools. It is a s...



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