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  • Incapsulamento: DIP18
  • Marca: Yamaha
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This LL-Type FM Operator incorporates a DA Converter and a Quartz Oscillator in addition to a YAMAHA original FM Sound Generator, allowing for a much easier and economical sound generating system assembly than conventional LSIs. Tone data are stored in ROM for software simplicity, making it possible to execute data alterations involved in tone changes with just one Instruments selection operation. Furthermore, a built-in Tone Data Register with capacity for one tone permits sound effects and original tones generation. Tones applicable to the “CAPTAIN” and TELETEXT are included among built-in tone data.


1.FM Sound Generator for real sound creation.

2.2.Two selectable modes: 9 simultaneous sounds or 6 melody sounds plus 5 rhythm sounds (different tones can be used together in either case).

3.Built-in Instruments data (IS melody tones, 5 rhythm tones, “CAPTAIN” and TELETEXT applicable tones).

4.Built-in DA Converter.

5.Built-in Quartz Oscillator‘Built-in Vibrato Oscillator/AM Oscillator.

6.TTL Compatible Input.

7.A single 5V power source.

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    Item arrived - thank You !!!


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    Exellent service, fast and reliable delivery, verry affordable prices. These are the things that come in to mind when thinking of Utsource. No fake ic's like some ebay sellers. Small quanities. They will quote you with signle chips for your prototyping and/or hobby needs. Utsource is now my number one stop for sourcing electronic components. Googbye unreliable ebay, welcome utsource!



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    Brand new and perfect shape

    United States


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    Thank you the parts arrive withing a week after ordering. Really fast shipping. Thank you looking forward to order some more parts.

    Sri Lanka


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    Greitai, patogei ir kokibiskai supakuota



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